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A three page guide on how to master performances! Tips for the body, mind and soul!


Songs of the Ancient EP


Original music from Kyle Logue
*Includes ten page booklet with lyrics and art*

Celtic Fusion/Tribal/Renaissance/ Folk

As an established musician and a lover of the wisdom, folklore and history of old, Kyle combines her knowledge of techniques and traditions from different cultures with her classical training to produce music that conjures a connection to the primal within and a calling to the ancestors. 

$10.00 CD
$7.00 Digital Download


What Listeners Are Saying...



If you are new to the harp, or new to music, but have been wanting to add more music to your life or learn a new and unique instrument, this course is for you! Join me for this in-depth introduction to the Celtic Lever Harp! Intended for those who are completely new to the instrument, you will learn the basics; including the ability to read and play a piece of music! No prior musical knowledge necessary. 



The Star Performer (Healing With Magick) Package Includes:

A 45 Page Workbook

Wav Files of Your Sound Therapy and Guided Meditations

Beautifully Hand-Drawn Ritual Cheat Sheets That Include:
A Generalized Reference to the Elements, 
Days of the Week, the Planets, and Associations
A Planetary Hours Calculation Cheat Sheet
A Sabbats and Esbats Cheat Sheet
An Important Symbols Cheat Sheet

Access to One on One Online Session Work
For the first month of your journey, you will have the chance to meet with me online once a week for a half hour session to go over any questions you have or to clarify anything, or just to offer support and encouragement! I am here for you!

*NEW* BONUS Moon Journal Included!

The Star Performer Package

A complete program that will allow you to connect with your higher self, show you how to overcome obstacles of the self including fear, feelings of inadequacy and stage fright. How to implement therapeutic and spiritual tools to make real, tangible changes in your life, to take back your sovereignty and rule your kingdom with all of the power entitled to you!

Geared toward the spiritual performer, this package will allow you to blossom from a budding musician to a magickal star; fully complete, open and ready for whatever lies ahead using an original method I call “The Auratic Method”; a balance of self-reflection and energy work done at specific times to align with the natural energy flow and cycles of nature. It is a combination of the things I have discovered in Celtic, Hindu and Pagan cultures and different self-help methods.

The Auratic Method got me from feeling inadequate to feeling empowered in only a few months! After years of struggle! I can't wait to share this method with you. 

Are you ready to manifest this change and become who you are meant to be? 

I look forward to embarking on this quest with you! 

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Poetry and Art Booklet - Digital

Some of the writings and artwork of Kyle Logue.

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Poetry and Artwork Booklet - Physical

Some of the writings and artwork of Kyle Logue, individually and lovingly binded. 

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