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Photo By: Cory Clements

Photo By: Cory Clements

Invoking Spirit and Healing Through Music



I am a professional musician in the KW region who loves to share the gift of music! Whether it’s lending my voice or music to your event or special occasion, or offering one of my many services, it’s done with intent and with love. I specialize in helping others overcome performance anxiety using a spiritual and therapeutic approach. I can help you overcome stage fright or any other type of self-doubt that hinders your ability to shine like the bright star you are!


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Who Am I, and What Can I Offer You?


Using a combination of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, and the Auratic Method* (involving both inner reflection and energy work coinciding with the cycles of the moon and nature), I help you to heal wounds and uncover your greatest potential. I specialize in helping fellow performers overcome stage fright, or anyone that suffers from performance anxiety or the fear of failure with my “Star Performer” program. My Sound Therapy and Meditation sessions can be used to heal any wound of any kind, and are limited only to what you will allow. You set the intention and the purpose for your own healing.

Learn more about my Sound Therapy and Guided Meditation  Sessions!

Learn more about my Sound Therapy and Guided Meditation

Learn more about my Star Performer Program!

Learn more about my Star
Performer Program!



As a classically-trained Coloratura Soprano and Harpist, I am available for hire for your special event or performance. I have experience on stage and in the recording studio. I absolutely love to share the gift that is music, and would be overjoyed to be apart of your special event and sing or play for you.


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Have you always been fascinated by the harp but never thought you could learn? I not only offer private, introductory lessons to this beautiful and ancient instrument, but I also offer an online course available through uDemy. I also offer lessons to singers who want to hone their skills in classical singing or belt, or learn more about unique techniques such as Polyphonic Overtone singing or Kulning, using my years of experience and own teachings.

Learn more about my Harp Workshop!

Learn more about my
Harp Workshop!

Learn more about my Vocal  Techniques Workshop!

Learn more about my Vocal
Techniques Workshop!



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